Everyone has Regrets.

Don't Let Your Brain Health Be One.™

Don't Take Your Brain Health for Granted.

Ok, so you had a bad mullet. And that polyester pantsuit was pretty bad. Those regrets are small. Not taking care of your brain would be huge. You can keep your mind sharp and help prevent stroke by making simple lifestyle changes. So let’s get brain-healthy!

How Much Do You Know About Brain Health?

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Steps to Better Brain Health

Take these simple steps to help avoid stroke, dementia, or memory loss. Thankfully, we have the resources and tips to help you adopt brain-healthy behaviors.

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Prevent or Control High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is the No. 1 risk factor for stroke. Know your numbers and take steps to control your blood pressure for a healthy brain. Learn more.

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Be Physically Active

It’s time to get your heart pumping, helping supply oxygen and blood flow to the brain with exercise. Walk, run, dance, even rake leaves. Activity throughout the day can make a big difference. Get tips to get moving.

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Control Blood Sugar

Left untreated, diabetes can cause a number of health complications. It’s important to get your blood sugar tested and under control.

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Eat Healthy

Guess what, the same diet for a healthy heart, applies to a healthy brain! Foods like fruits, vegetables, fish, and whole grains can lower your risk for stroke and heart disease. Give your brain the nutrients it needs to stay healthy with these eating healthy tips.

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Lose Weight

A healthy weight and Body Mass Index (BMI) can lead to health benefits like better regulation of your blood pressure. Get smart weight loss strategies.

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Manage Cholesterol

A healthy brain requires normal blood flow and oxygen, which may be impacted by high cholesterol. Take steps to manage it.

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Stop Smoking

Smoking is a leading risk factor for stroke and slow brain function! Yikes! Learn how to quit today.